25+ Cities
60+ Projects Ongoing
250+ Projects Completed
Based in Ludhiana
Fusion Studio specializes in bespoke luxury residential design & construction
With more than 10 years of experience in architecture, Fusion Studio specializes in delivering a one-stop design service for houses throughout India.
Design. We offer Architectural and Interior Design services. But more than that, we are also in the business of procuring products and furniture for your house, making sure our design could be rightly realized until completion. We work closely with different consultants and vendors in order to make sure that your project is taken care of from beginning to end.
Architecture. Our Architecture design service helps deliver you the best outcome for your dream house. Other than that, we also help connect to other corresponding consultants (Structural, MEP, and Landscape) and make sure that your project is done right.
Interior. Our Interior Design team works for both hands in hand and independently from our Architecture division. We strive to help you discover the essence of a home inside a house. With professional teams, we advise and provides drawings and material specification for the finishing and interior phase of construction. We also have affiliates in the interior contractors and furniture procurement industry, helping you find the right manufacturer and store for your Interior and Furniture needs.
Turnkey Execution. Uniquely positioned to meet comprehensive demands from ideation and conception, to construction and decor, the House of Fusion Studio is a one-stop solution. Our turnkey business model ensures that our clients receive articulate and cohesive results, better value for time and exceptional attention to detail. Our turnkey services seamlessly bridge the gap between conception, design and final build.